Up-to-date status
As of July 29

Hello from the Lionwood.software volunteer front.
We continue to release the report on our volunteer activities.

And so, the following events took place during July:

28 brigade

We are always willing to respond to help, especially when our employees talk about the need.

This is how our cooperation with Danylo began, when we knowed about fundraising for the purchase of a Drone for our Defenders.

In July, we handed over the DJI Mavic 2 Fly quadrocopter to the 28th Brigade, which actively helps the Armed Forces control the skies at the front, as well as plate carriers.

We are very grateful to our defenders, and we hope that the equipment will help the Armed Forces to resist the enemy!


In our report on May 30, we talked about the importance of the car at the front, which is why we continue to purchase them.

On July 29, they were able to hand over the KIA Sorento to a new owner, who transferred the car to boys and girls who work in intelligence and air defense.

The vehicle is already performing its role on the front lines, so we hope that it will be able to serve our Defenders for a long time.

Once again, we thank the Armed Forces and everything will be Ukraine!


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