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We haven’t updated our blog for a month. So today we have a lot to share. 

1. Handed over a car to the military

Today, cars on the frontline are more than just a means of transportation. With the help of a car, our servicemen will have the opportunity to leave the site of the shooting, to quickly transfer the necessary equipment, and they will have time to evacuate the wounded.

Therefore, the Lionwood.software team decided to purchase vehicles for our Defenders.

On Saturday, May 21, we handed over the car to the servicemen working in Intelligence and Ukrainian Air Defense.

The car was successfully delivered to its destination and is already performing its functions on the frontline. 

2. Assistance to relatives and friends of our employees.

Helping employees and their friends/relatives is a priority for  Lionwood.software team. 

According to inquiries, we handed over helmets, gun sights, medical turnstiles, and other necessary stuff to military people (our employees’ friends, relatives, and acquaintances). 

3. Military Ammunition

Last month, we were approached by volunteers. They were collecting military ammunition for a brigade in the Kharkiv region.

And on Wednesday, May 25, we received all the necessary ammunition and handed it over to volunteers, who will provide logistical management of it in the future.

What have we collected?

  • Belts – 25 pieces;
  • Medical turnstiles – 30 pieces;
  • Black mittens – 30 pieces;
  • Combat boots – 15 pieces;

We are eternally grateful to all defenders, who protect our country while we continue working on the volunteer front.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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