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As of July 22

Hello everyone from the Lionwood.software volunteer front!

In this report, we will tell you more about our work for two months, so there will be a lot of information.

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So, let’s start.

1.An ambulance

We all know about the need for cars, but the question of ambulances is even more acute. So we will help our defenders not only with equipment, a car and technical equipment, but also a little more: we will provide an ambulance.

In June, the founders of the company went to Kyiv to buy the best and most powerful car to ensure the transportation of patients from the Dnipro to Lviv, as well as the transportation of some medicines to the Dnipro.

With the help of the Heal Fund company, we equipped emergency medical equipment, and in the future Heal Fund were responsible for the transportation of wounded soldiers and provided hot spots with hard-to-find medicines.

We wish Heal Ukraine and our defenders strength and endurance, thank you for the great work that brings our country closer to victory every day.

2.Military ammunition

Within 2 months, the necessary equipment was transferred to several brigades, as well as separately depending on the needs of the military, so we will tell you more about them below.

2.1. 80 brigade

Transferred ammunition:

  • Plate carriers – 1 piece;
  • Turnstiles – 3 pieces;
  • Gloves – 3 pieces;
  • Combat boots – 3 pieces;


2.2. Assistance to relatives and friends of our employees

Transferred ammunition:

  • Combat boots-2 pairs;
  • Plate carriers: 1 pc.


We are eternally grateful to all defenders, who protect our country while we continue working on the volunteer front.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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