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It’s time to tell you about the volunteer work we are currently doing.

As mentioned before, we are shifting the focus of volunteering to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Patrol Police. So a lot of news will be related to this area.

On April 15, we received 30 bulletproof vests with protection class 4+ plates and started distributing them: 

On April 16, we handed over 20 bulletproof vests to our defenders in the 125th unit of Territorial Defense Forces. 

On April 19, were handed over 3 helmets and bulletproof vests to the Ukrainian Railways (Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Military Communications Department) 

Why Ukrainian Railways?

Today, our railway is the best way to transfer military equipment, ammunition, and food to the eastern part of Ukraine, which is facing constant fighting. 

Therefore, in order not to be harmed by russians, appropriate loading and unloading of cargo require additional protection during transportation.

Additionally, we handed over 2 helmets to the Armed Forces of Ukraine upon the request of company employees.

On April 22, boys and girls of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet/dry wipes, soap, etc.), branded socks, medicine and creams, food, and spring military tactical ankle boots.

Hygiene products and socks are not military equipment, bulletproof vests, or helmets. But these are crucial things as well. It often happens that volunteers forget about them.


On April 22, we donated hygiene products for adults and kids,  pillows, bedding, food, etc., to volunteers who organized a shelter in a dormitory on 8 Ternopilska Street. As of now, 300 people live in the dormitory, including 100 children. People and children who were forced to leave their homes. It is difficult and expensive to provide accommodation and fulfill at least the basic needs of many people.


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